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Oval Orgone Pendants

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Each Orgonite Pendant will protect you from negative radio frequency signals from cell towers and phones and turn it into positive energy. The crystals really do help with certain problems. I tried them myself, they help, but are not cure alls. In the case of pain, I have chronic neck pain. I believe it did take the edge off it. I used a pendant with alot of Amethyst. I believe its different for everyone.

The Oval Orgone devices are 1.3/8" x 1.0" inches. They are shipped the very next morning they are ordered from our location in PA.

Blue Agate, Aventureine

pendant Amethyst, Kyanite pendant

orgone clear Qtz, Shell chips orgone orgone clear Qtz, Shell chips pendant

orgone Amazonite, Aquamarine orgone orgone Kyanite, Amethyst pendant
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