Large Round Sacred Geometry Hearts Acessories FAQ

Decorative Orgone Pendants

The word orgonite comes from "orgone", the name given by Wilhelm Reich the man that invented it. Orgone is made from the metal being sqeezed while the resin is being cured, therefore creating orgone. The crystals are added as a bonus.

The pendants/devices can be worn on your neck or carried in your pocket, hung on your purse, hung on your jean belt loop, key chains, all kinds of uses. You can also use the small ones as zipper pulls with a chain or ribbon.
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This is the old ice round Amethyst stones The Amethyst is a natural Tranquilser. The back side up to the water. There is clearly energy coming off the pendant pushing the water up in the middle.

When buying our crystals we buy real crystal stones. The crystals are sometimes heat treated to get the desired color. This doesn't change the physical quality. Each crystal has its own specific healing properties. Please check our crystal healing page.

The Orgone debate.The power of intent is a amazing thing. Our debate page has some very interesting scientific facts.

I try my very best to make them as perfect as possible. If we get your order during the night. It will be shipped by 10:00 AM the very next morning in most cases. Pressing the "Cart" button will take you to Pay Pal to finish the transaction.

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