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Orgonite is a self-driven, continuously-operating device. Make sure the device you buy has a good amount of metal in it. When the resin cures it squeezes the metal and creates orgone. The crystals are a bonus.

These are some of the Guardian Orgone Pendants. They contain clear Quartz. It is said that this crystal when meditating opens a channel to spiritual beings, like angels and guardian Angels. Clear quartz is one of the strongest healing crystals. They call it a Master Healer which means it can help heal most every type of health problem. (it doesn't replace your doctor's medicine)

The Hearts are 1.25" x 1.25" inches. The crystals can be cleansed by running tap water over them and putting in indirect sun light for a day or moon light during the night.

They are shipped very fast from our location in PA.
orgone Pink Shell, Clear Quartz, Tree of Life pendant pendant Clear Quartz, Blue Mother of Pearl pendant

orgone Clear Quartz, Blue Shell orgone orgone Clear Quartz, Pink Shell pendant

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