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Protect yourself from EMF signals from cell towers and phones. Turn the negative frequencies into positive energy. Each device has different qualities. Check out our ice test on our home page. There is a pendant on the bottom of the glass, metal side up.

The round crystals you see in the devices are real stones. They are not the quality you would see in rings or nobody could afford them. They may look like plastic, but they are not. Alot of the devices have real Silver leaf also. Since all the device have orgone in them we focus on the healing the ability of the crystals.

The Mini Hearts are 1.0" x 1.1" inches.

"PRESS the "Cart" button to purchase a pendant, you will go to Pay Pal to finish the transaction. They are shipped very fast from our location in PA.

Blue Onyx, Moonstone

pendant Bronzite, Picture Jasper pendant

orgone Pink Jade orgone orgone Amazonite, Moonstone pendant

orgone Larimar, Moonstone orgone orgone Pink Jade pendant
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